There were many men in the world
who were big chiefs and commanded
many people, but these, I think,
were the greatest of them all.

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Located North of Virginia City, at the Base of Mount Carson, Comet Falls was founded by a
group of emigrants from back east who were coming out west in search of gold in 1839. Beset by
trouble from all sides, the party had stopped for the night before starting up the Mountains,
when a falling star caught their eye as it streaked down into the Earth south of their

After much arguement and dissent, the party split into two groups. The first crossed the
mountain pass and left our tale. The second group, led by George Catchins Sr., opted to
travel south and see the fallen star. A comet, one of the “educated” men from back east
mistakenly called it.

It took the party two days to reach the crash-site, by which time the major changes had
already taken place. The meteor had broken into an underground river beneath the mountain,
creating the beautiful waterfall which filled the impact crater – later named Crater Lake.
In the short time between the meteor’s strike and the party’s arrival, the land had already
begun to change. Fresh shoots of grass showed around the lake; and the wildlife was vibrant
and strong.

Calling the place Miracle Valley, the party decided to settle. The name Comet Falls was
decided upon a year later (after a number of hardships convinced them that it was maybe
not such a miracle after all). George Catchins and a number of others, began mining gold
and silver, eventually diggin the Catchins Mine – dubbed the “Descent into Hell” Mine by
the workers (a hand-painted sign above the mine entrance warns “Abandon all Hope Ye Who
Enter.” At first the mine is considered a failure, because of the strange veins of green
through the gold and silver. Before they can abandon the mine, however, Buck Simon
discovers he can work the green silver to create a substance harder than steel and half
as heavy. He dubs his creation Superium and the mine stays open.

Comet Falls springs up around the mine (through repeated trips back east and into
California, Catchins and his crew bring in miners and other laborers – the town fills in
afterward). Catchins keeps the mine small, relying on only a handful of miners to keep
better order in “his” town.

In 1851 Mormons, passing through to Carson Valley, stopover in Comet Falls, amazed by
tales of the fertile oasis. The Mormons move on to establish the town of Genoa – called
Mormon Station by outsiders. Trade relations between Comet Falls and Mormon station remain
good; and so, the Latter Day Saints become one of the first groups in America to have
access to Superium (and later the Impervium created by VonCraven from the Green Gold).

In 1852, the man called VonCraven comes to Comet Falls with a throng of workers and
servants. After a week of surveying the area – and an intense inspection of Buck Simon’s
Superium – VonCraven begins construction on his castle, up on the mountain, overlooking
the town.

In 1856, Chinese laborers from Dayton settle in Comet Falls.

The game begins in 1861.

Comet Falls

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